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The history of the company dates back to the 1950s. At that time it was a state-owned company with more than a thousand employees; providing support for mining activities and construction of public facilities for the entire region.

After privatization in the 1990s, a gradual transformation was carried out to the present form on which the company has been running since 1999. Under the new name the company not only continued the tradition and experience, but also expanded its scope of business from civil engineering and industrial buildings also to road constructions and water management structures.


At present, the company is one of the leading construction companies in the region of Karlovy Vary and have strong and stable position on the market. The company successfully realize the constructions of various kinds, mostly in the form of the main contractor in the range of hundreds of millions of CZK.

It provides complete construction services from the design phase through ensuring all permits, to the realization of the project.

The base of the company is a team of more than 100 employees with many years of experience and excellent professional knowledge.

The company is equipped and adapted for carrying out the works without territorial restrictions, with its own transportation and earthmoving machines, rental of construction tools and equipment for the construction of traditional and modern technologies.

During construction, emphasis is placed on achieving the highest quality work. For parts of buildings that require specialized knowledge, always choose proven subcontractors.

We offer a superior quality, short deadlines and long-term guarantees for a reasonable price. For proven investors, we also offer co-financing to bridge the shortage of funds during construction.

The company owns an industrial park with total area of about 15 hectares. There are tens of buildings for business. The company uses part of the facility itself and the rest leased to other entities. These objects are used as production, storage, commercial and office space.