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Design work in construction includes all the necessary engineering services in the context of construction. Thanks to our design activities in construction will be able to determine the impacts of construction on the environment, an estimate of the total costs in the construction, design solutions, including return and feasibility, and the like. Regarding construction, the construction design very important element in the whole process. It is an elaboration of all important documents for construction. Before any construction we can check to make sure the project works in construction. You avoid all the unpleasant problems.

Contents of project activities in construction:

Design of concept of total project solution
Documentation for territorial control
Documentation for building permit
Documentation for the assessment of the impact of construction on the environment
And more

Engineering activities:

Within the project activities in construction, our company offers high-quality engineering work. It is divided into certain stages of construction according to the type itself. Project activity in construction and engineering should first improve the client's position in the project planning and organization of competitions.

Construction and design

Each well and quickly built property is well planned. This is precisely why there is a service design activities in construction. Quality construction design always significantly reduce the cost and time needed for construction.